A Year-End Message

December 2011

Happy Holidays!

It has been an incredibly busy year since we launched last October 2010. Thanks to passionate and hard working PfGE volunteers, we were able to accomplish a lot this past year in support of high quality education in California. The following is a few of the highlights:

  • Vote for Our Future - Campaign to mobilize Silicon Valley Bay Area community to get out the vote for Nov. 2011 elections.  Thanks to our partners, student and parent organizers, for attending over one hundred voter registration and outreach related events.

  • In partnership with K12NewsNetwork.com, a California School Funding Map Tool launched in the spring of 2011 to educate the public about the impact of the potential budget cuts on their local schools.  In tandem, we had a Parents for Great Education (PfGE) letter writing campaign in support of extending the existing revenue measures.

  • On May 14th, 2011, we organized a 21st Century Education Summit that brought together educators, policy makers, school board members, superintendents, parents, students and teachers to discuss two crucial issues impacting California public schools: 1) How to prepare California students for the 21st Century  interconnected global challenges; and 2) What are the possible long term solutions to solving California’s budget crisis.  All participants left with a renewed understanding about the importance of providing all students with 21st century skills, while finding new ways to fund California’s schools adequately and consistently.

  • In collaboration with The California Coalition for P21, we advocated for AB250, a bill that seeks high quality curriculum in order to prepare six million California public school students for 21st Century learning. October 2011 the governor signed the bill into law. Thanks to co-chairs Michele and Michael for their leadership.

  • In partnership with K12NewsNetwork.com and the California Budget Project, a California School Funding 101 Workshop, organized in October, was attended by 75 parents, school board members, and possible candidates for state legislature in Orange County.

    We started as a small, local network of parents, but now that network has grown statewide, partnering with other parent and college student groups, community based organizations and education groups to continue to advocate for school funding and sound education policy. We were able to accomplish an amazing amount with an all volunteer effort.

    Next year, we will be launching an extensive voter outreach and education campaign in support of June and November elections. 2012 will be a crucial year for education.

    On behalf of everyone at PfGE, I wish you a joyful holiday season and a healthy New Year!


    Hoi Yung Poon
    Executive Director
    Parents for Great Education