About Us

Mission Statement

We are a parent-based network dedicated to fostering a rich and effective educational environment for K-12 students in Silicon Valley.  By connecting and mobilizing parents in support of high-quality education,  we strive to promote strong public schools, policies, and programs. We want to ensure that every student has equal opportunity and access to an education that will provide them with success inside and outside of school, today and for the rest of their lives.


To ensure that parents and students exercise their full potential to shape public school policy

  • Provide the first source for insightful, relevant information and news
  • Promote innovation and systemic policy reforms to improve the quality of education
  • Promote parent-to-parent networking with proven tools and techniques
  • Attract and develop parent leaders at the school, district, and regional levels


Parents for Great Education was founded by a core group of volunteers who worked on a notable Spring 2010 fundraising campaign in the Cupertino Union School District. This unprecedented district-wide community fundraising effort ultimately raised over $2.5 million in eight weeks, helping to restore 107 teachers' jobs slated for elimination due to state budget cuts. The campaign brought together parents, teachers, administrators, unions, local businesses, and an existing education foundation - all doing their part to preserve our children's current quality of education.

Fundraisers can effectively unite a group, school or district to help provide for a targeted local need. In addition, we believe that long-term, sustainable solutions are needed to reform the California educational system, and ensure that all children from K-12 receive a high quality public education.

Vote For Our Future was our first campaign - a catalyst for voter registration and turnout aimed at the November 2010 elections and beyond. Parent leaders in eight school districts mobilize voters registration and get out the vote effortthroughout the Bay Area. Exercising your right to vote is the first and most powerful action that you can take to ensure education as a top priority.

Our network has since expanded throughout the state, collaborating with statewide coalitions including The Campaign for Quality Education, California Coalition for P21 and the Budget coalition to tackle education and funding issues.

"Nine college student leaders" - link toMercury News article


Our media partners include KTSF, Univision and Cupertino Patch