November Elections

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Candidates for Governor of California - links specifically to education issue:

Brown and Whitman Education Platforms - compared on Edsource

Jerry Brown’s 12-Point Education Plan - excerpt

Meg Whitman’s Education Plan - excerpt

Candidates for U.S. Senator
 - links specifically to issues section (including education):
Barbara Boxer’s Education Plan - excerpt

Carly Fiorina - excerpt

Candidates for State Superintendent of Public Instruction
 - League of Women Voters

Larry Aceves’ Education Plan - excerpt

Tom Torlakson’s Education Plan - excerpt

Other Candidates 

Proposition 24

Proposition 25

All Propositions

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Note About: Selected excerpts on the education plans of Jerry Brown, Meg Wittman, Barbara Boxer, Larry Aceves and Tom Torlakson

“For the upcoming elections, I’ve made quick bullet point sheets.
Each sheet covers a candidate's plan to deal with education issues. I focused on candidates for the governor’s race, the senatorial race, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction’s race - with a link to each candidate’s website. My purpose is to make it easy for voters to do a “stare and compare.”

Gail Edwards-Bryan
Financial Advisory Committee Member, Fremont Unified School District
Concerned Parent – Niles School