California Budget Crisis

On January 10, 2010, the Governor’s Proposed Budget was released. This is the beginning of the budget process for schools for the ’11-‘12 budget. Governor Brown is facing a $28 billion dollar deficit in the state budget. Anatomy of Gov. Brown's proposed budget, 31 slides summarizes revenues and cuts to close budget deficit. Link>>

  • State budget plan: $12.5 billion in spending cuts – graphic and breakdown line items. Link>>
  • Gov. Brown budget briefing, press conference on Jan. 10 , 16 minute podcast on CalChannel. Link>>
  • The California Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) issued their non-partisan report on the Governor’s Budget on Wed., Jan. 12th, 2011. Executive Summary and Full report available at: Link>>
  • Schools plan for 2 budget scenarios, best hope depends on voters extending taxes. Link>>
  • Jerry Brown's tax proposal faces political hurdles. Link>>

Updated news on CA budget Crisis:

State Finance 101

State controller website provides information on which taxes are collected and how they are spent to pay for programs at the state and local levels.  Link>>

California budget balancer: Try your hand at eliminating the red ink in California's budget. Link>>

Other articles and research discussed potential solutions to solve CA budget crisis:
  • Stanford's Institute for Economic Policy Research has issued two recent reports on the condition of public employee pension funds in California. Who will demand reductions in public employee benefits?Link>>
  • California Progress Report on potential revenue for California Refuting Oil Industry Lies About The California Severance Tax. Link>>
  • Prop 13 Facts, close the loophole. Link>>
  • Who Pays Taxes? A California Budget Project analysis examines who pays taxes, who doesn't, and how California's tax system compares to those of other states. Link>>